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Neverwhere Records is an independent record label specializing in dark ambient, experimental electronic and space music.

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Michael Matera - Wednesday
This is not new age music by a long shot, but it's not ambient either and it's not really any brand of EM I know of. Rather than try to pigeon-hole it, I'll just state that Michael Matera's music kicks ass and takes names!" - Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

Dennis Haley - Seven Seconds After
"..A collection of recordings with more sonic depth and color than I have heard in a long time" - Larry Fast, SYNERGY


Full length downloads - FREE mp3 downloads from Michael Matera's latest release Wednesday at download.com Click here for the link.

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New Release - Michael Matera - Wednesday. Instrumental artist Michael Matera's third release.

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Website update - New look for the new year at Neverwhere Records. We streamlined the look and feel to make finding cool new music easier and more enjoyable.

Artist Update - Seven Story Ladders is still working on their first full length release for Neverwhere Records. Look for their new CD in the first half of next year.

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